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The Importance of Planning
Parking Lifts are Superior to Traditional Parking Methods and Provide Innovative Parking Solutions.There are many concerns that need to be taken into account when constructing a building and parking is one of those major issues. In the case of planning a condominium or apartment-based building, adequate parking can play a huge factor when it comes to being able to sell the units and can be an entirely different perpetual income generator. The same idea applies for commercial and office buildings, parking is a major concern and if designed and implemented correctly can more than pay for itself in hardly any time at all. Many single dwelling families have more than one vehicle and it is important to spend the time planning a parking solution that works now and can possibly be expanded in the future.
Parking lifts can be used to solve virtually any parking scenario due to:
  • A multitude of different models available
  • The customizations that are possible
  • Future expandability
Parking lifts have been in used in Europe and Asia for many years, but they are quickly gaining popularity in North America as well. They are attaining a world class reputation for ease of use, quality construction and unmatched parking efficiency.
Parking Lift Styles and Variations
One of the main reasons that parking lifts are catching on is due to many models that either fit parking needs with a unit straight from the manufacturer, or offer a level of customization to fit special circumstances. These base models include:
Dependent Access Parkers – this type of parking lift efficiently makes use of room height and can work well in areas where available height is normally an issue. These lifts can provide up to three times the number of available parking spaces and offer both short-term and long-term parking solutions.
Independent Access Parkers – one of the most customizable parking lift systems with many variations including support for heavier vehicles. These lifts have much more room that allow for vehicle door opening and are available in single or double wide options.
Puzzle Lifts – this type of parking lift shows the true potential of the parking lift system by allowing vehicle pallets to move up, down and sideways for the most efficient vehicle parking and retrieval. While these systems can seem to be very complex, vehicle retrieval times average less than 60 seconds.
Fully Automatic – a parking lift system that can hold very large numbers of vehicles and can generally be implemented as an aboveground or belowground solution. Most of these lifts can be equipped with the convenience feature of a turning unit to turn the vehicle around and eliminate the need for drivers to reverse out.
Parking for Now and the Future
There is a huge requirement for more efficient parking ideas in North America and parking lift systems are solving that need. In most cases, these systems can be implemented more cost-effectively than traditional parking methods like parking lots and parking garages. Maintenance is relatively simple and the compactness of the unit means it is inherently easier to secure and this translates to reduced manpower costs. Most of these systems are able to be expanded should the parking needs change down the road. With constant research and development devoted to further perfecting this type of parking solution, the future of parking is very bright.
Parking Lift Garages are an Economic and Environmental Boon to Cities
Parking Space is at a Premium
It has been said that "parking space is living space.” And certainly any giving-over of scarce real estate to cars is reducing the amount of living space that humans can enjoy. Nowhere is this conflict more apparent than in cities, which are stressed by cars and struggling to achieve a livable balance between vehicles – both in motion and parked – and the needs of city dwellers.
Enter the automatic hydraulic parking lift garage. Automated garages solve many of the problems that traditional surface lots or ramped garages pose. They take up less room. Because cars can be stacked, each level can park up to three times as many cars. The physical footprint then becomes much smaller.
Environmentally, they pose a huge advantage over both land-paving surface lots and ramped garages. One study of a ramped garage showed that its greenhouse emissions were over 80% higher than that of an automated lot. As anyone who has spent dizzying minutes circling down from a high garage lot knows, those ramps can make for slow driving. There is also the issue of urban walkability. Large surface lots are not fun to walk around – pedestrians require a built-up environment, not a leveled one.
How the Parking Lift Garages Work
Although there are many variations, the basic principle is the same for all hydraulic parking lifts. The driver parks the car and technology then moves that car to a storage area. Vehicles can be moved up or down to any number of levels - or horizontally. When the driver returns, the process is reversed and technology speedily returns the car to the driver at the base level. Hydraulic parking lifts have proven ability to lift heavy objects, and the machinery involved itself does not use up much space.
Automatic parking lifts can also work in a much smaller context too, with applications to residential use or small infill development. The variety and flexibility of automated parking systems is astonishing, and worth investigating by any developer wishing to add value to a property.
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Regina is a growing city with many different attractions and diverse economical industries, but this growth comes with its share of negative side effects. A decrease in the amount of available parking is one of the first side effects to become evident. Contact Klaus Multiparking at 416-925-2614 to see how their cutting edge parking systems can bring an end t
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This website contains information about stack parking system that literally stacks cars on platforms to save space in parking lots, especially in city areas where land is especially limited.
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As the attractions of Toronto cause the city to grow and prosper, the problems with lack of available parking become more and more evident. Contact Klaus Multiparking at 416-925-2614 and find out how a car parking system can solve problems and bring the joy back to parking.
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